Asian Wedding Traditions


One of the age old Asian Wedding traditions is for the Groom to arrive at his ceremony riding a White Horse.

Although many people no longer remember where, when or why this tradition started, to this day, it is something that is accepted as key part of the ceremony by many Asian families. 


Grooms arrival on the White Horse, often referred to as the White Ghorie, is typically part of a procession which includes Drummers, Dancers and many many members of the family. 


Ostler Asian Ridden Horses


The Ostler is home to the largest stable of Asian Ridden Horses in the UK.

All of our Horses have been trained by qualified staff specifically for Asian Wedding Baraats.

You do not need to know how to ride as our Horses are trained to be used by non riders - although we would recommend that you take at least 1 lesson at your local riding school just to see what it feels like to sit on a horse before the day.

All of these magnificent animals have the most patient of natures and are fully comfortable with Drummers, Dancers & large crowds.